welcome to Health Innovation Ventures

Health Innovation Ventures is an incubator-type entity with the aim of recognising and supporting medical research and development ideas to mature to actual medical products and services. Our goal is to supply the medical community with the tools needed for individualized care and treatment. We support the search for new biomarkers, development of Decision Suppport Systems (DSS) and innovative treatments so that the patients can be treated more efficiently. It is our ambition to support startup companies to grow and develop new products - mainly software tooling - to improve individualised patient care.

We started with a focus on cancer patients, cancer treatments and improvement of individualised cancer treatment planning, based on the use of Artificial Intelligence, deep learning methodology, and predictive algorythms. Meanwhile we have expanded our view from cancer as specific disease into 'precision medicine' in general to improve individualised care. This means that the knowledge we gained in the multiple start-up companies we facilitated can now be implemented in a broad range of (chronic) medical diseases, such as alzheimer, diabetes, COPD, and of course cancer.

Health Innovation Ventures continues to closely collaborate with scientists at the department of precision medicine in Maastricht University, and connect with (start-up) companies and new innovative company ideas. In our portfolio you can find an impression of the current companies in which Health Innovatin Ventures participates.